Pakistan celebrated its 70th Independence Day on 14 August. I was fortunate enough to work in Lahore for a few months in 2001. Here are a few of my memories:
  1. 🇵🇰 Lahore is the capital of Punjab Province.
    It is also one of Pakistan's most cosmopolitan cities. It is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Lahore Fort and the Badshahi mosque (pictured). I was there in late Summer/early Autumn, and it was HOT! Not really the best weather for sight seeing, TBH. But, we did visit...
  2. ... the India / Pakistan border! 🇵🇰
    Every evening, there is a fantastic flag lowering ceremony on both sides of the border. The soldiers do a lot of strutting, in a show of strength and power. Me and my colleagues went there once - we were transfixed! The ceremony is always crowded, both on the Indian and Pakistani side.
  3. The food! 🇵🇰
    There is a great food scene in this city! Lahori lamb kebabs are 💯