If you get the chance to visit, take it! It is only about an hour away from London on a fast train and you'll get to see some fantastic architecture: it was founded in 1209! It is the second oldest university in the English speaking world. Notable alumni include Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.
  1. Colleges
    Queens' College is the best. I may be biased though. Do check before you go that the colleges will be open to members of the public on the day of your visit - I took an Australian friend to Cambridge during exam time and we (rightly) could not get in to see them.
  2. The Cam
    You have to get up hella early to see the rowers on the river. The river bank is called The Backs. Full of daffodils in the Spring!
  3. May Balls
    Absolutely awesome summer balls where you get to wear formal dress while dancing the night away, eating, driving bumper cars and drinking; and hopefully you're still standing at 0600 the following day for the survivors' photo. However the balls don't take place in May. Psych! (They are in June).
  4. Fitzwilliam Museum
    Art and antiquities. Paintings by Constable, Hogarth and Gainsborough. Admission is free!
  5. Intense rivalry with Oxford
    Don't mention that place. Not ever!