In 2007, I went on a short work trip to Tokyo. The food was DELICIOUS as you would expect, so I am NOT going to list about it. The people I met were lovely, they made me feel very welcome. Here are some highlights and experiences from that trip:
  1. Taxis with doors that automatically (and only!) opened on the kerb side.
  2. Heated toilet seats!!!
    Strange (but not unpleasant) sensation.
  3. THE CLEANEST underground public transport system EVER!
  4. I went there in November, and even though the majority of Japanese people do not celebrate Christmas, the big department stores had festive decorations and Christmas songs blaring out.
  5. My worst jet lag experience EVER!
    I fell asleep during meetings. I felt so awful about it but then my colleagues told me about INEMURI:
  6. 🇯🇵