I've only been to Los Angeles once but I loved it!!!
  1. Hotel:
    One of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in! The staff were fantastic. And there was a free car service that took you from Century City to Rodeo Drive (baby!)
  2. Star spotting:
    We saw Australian actor Geoffrey Rush having a drink in the hotel bar!!! We also saw Judd Hirsch and Danny De Vito in "The Sunshine Boys" and KIRK DOUGLAS was in the audience!!! #HollywoodRoyalty
  3. Rodeo Drive:
    O M Goodness! If only I were a millionaire... SO. MANY. NICE. THINGS!!!
  4. Pretty Woman:
    We didn't see any celebs at the Pretty Woman hotel AKA the Beverly Wilshire. Which was a shame!
  5. Santa Monica:
    It was such a fab experience to be at the beach in late October/beginning of November in the sunshine, while friends and colleagues in Ottawa were dealing with SNOW!