I have worked in Manila twice (2001 and 2002). My colleagues were welcoming, justifiably proud of their country and keen to share their rich culture with me. It's an amazing place! Here's a list of things that I remember from my time there.
  1. Traffic
    There was A LOT of it!
  2. Jeepneys
    These are cool, aren't they? They are seen everywhere, they are the most popular form of public transport.
  3. Most memorable dish
    Tripe stew
  4. Boracay
    We went on holiday to this island paradise. #BLISS
  5. Swaying skyscrapers
    A very odd sensation! They sway during earthquakes - they are built to withstand tectonic movement. Cue nausea and dizziness as I lay in my Manila hotel bed, totally petrified!
  6. 🇵🇭