@roozly mentioned that In The Heights was playing in King's Cross and I was BEYOND excited!!! The US List community had already got me all flustered with news, comments and the sheer joy of Hamilton, so I was determined to see this before it ended its run in early January.
  1. KING'S CROSS THEATRE (that's just a pic of the box office, not the actual theatre 😂)
    It is possibly the smallest theatre I've ever visited! But this meant that we were close to the stage and able to feed off of the high energy of the actors.
  2. Static
    Fave songs: "No Me Diga" "Enough" and "Everything I Know". Now, more than ever, I CAN'T WAIT to see Hamilton!!! @angela3950 I haven't even signed up for Hamilton tickets yet, BUT I WILL DO SO SOON!
  3. Giphy