OK - I was supposed to List this yesterday as a Travel Tuesday submission... SORRY! I am not a NYE fan ~ I usually head to bed at around 10pm to escape it all. But in 2003, I was in Australia and NYE was FAB! Here's my HOW TO ENJOY NYE IF IT IS NOT YOUR FAVE:
  1. Travel from Canberra to Sydney
    Who wouldn't want to be in Sydney for NYE? It's the height of summer and the parties are mostly outdoors.
  2. See the fireworks at 9pm
    Did you guys know that there was a fireworks display three hours before the main event for kids? My friend Sheila and I watched the early display at ground level in Darling Harbour. It wasn't too crowded at that point...
  3. Escape the crush
    ... But from 10pm onwards, it started to get crazy busy!!!
  4. See the fireworks at midnight
    From the comfort of our Sydney office conference room at Circular Quay, which has an amazing view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
  5. Ring your family in the UK... FROM THE FUTURE!!!
    Midnight in Sydney, 2004 is 1pm in London in 2003!
  6. Take your tipsy self to your hotel
  7. Sleep
  8. Ring your family in the UK
    At THEIR midnight... Only to hear that everyone has been struck by the norovirus. 😪 😳