As requested by @dad3 and apologies for taking so long.
  1. My teacher was called Miss Stanford
    To an 11 year old, she looked kinda old, maybe you know THIRTY!
  2. One morning, my mum told me she had seen Miss Stanford at a social event the previous evening.
    I was rather shocked because, well, do teachers have a social life?! I quizzed my mum some more as I was FASCINATED and my mum told me that Miss Stanford was in the company of a gentleman with grey hair.
  3. I really don't know why...
    But when I saw Miss Stanford at school that morning, I asked her if she had enjoyed her evening WITH HER GRANDFATHER (!) - in my defence, my mum had mentioned grey hair, so.
  4. Miss Stanford GIGGLED!
    And it was probably only then that I realised I had made an awful mistake.
  5. Sure enough
    Miss Stanford married her "grandfather" within six months of this incident.
  6. 😳