I have read all your awesome lists about @biz. My small tribute will be three lists inspired by her. So, here we go: Inspired by @biz IN HER HONOUR 💜💜💜
  1. I get to choose when and where
    Posh and fancy, or greasy spoon. Or anything and everything in between!
  2. It is perfectly acceptable to bring a book &/or your mobile to the table
    When I first started eating out alone, I needed a book or magazine to read to slow down my rapid consumption of delicious meals.
  3. I can drink red wine with chicken if I want
    Or white wine with red meat; or beer with everything. IT'S MY CHOICE!
  4. I can people watch and eavesdrop on the other diners
    A couple of my favourite activities TBH.
  5. I can indulge in mild flirtation with the waiters
    And no-one gets jealous.