Wednesday 20 April was not a good day. It started badly and went downhill from there
  1. I got locked in my apartment and I had to call my landlord so that he could alert the super in my building to come and rescue me.
    0830: The door handle was broken and the door wouldn't open... And it was at that point that I realised that after living in the apartment block for four years, saying hello to John the super on a regular basis, and passing the notice board with John's contact details IN BIG LETTERS every single day, I had NO BLOODY IDEA how to contact him.
  2. I got locked in my apartment AGAIN 10 minutes after having been rescued.
    0840: After John liberated me from my incarceration, we chatted for a bit in the elevator... And then I realised that I had left my mobile phone in the apartment. I had to go back for it, and John warned me not to shut the apartment door when I re-entered the unit. I assured him that I wouldn't. However, two seconds after these assurances, I shut the door behind me. Idiot!
  3. John could barely contain his amusement as he set me free again.
    I felt the need to tell John that I had travelled all over the world, BY MYSELF, without serious mishap and that I was a responsible adult who didn't usually have difficulty with opening doors. I received a highly sceptical look from John. *exasperated sigh*