1. Should I use the chip or slide it?
  2. Is this organic?
  3. I'll have a grande frap with soy no whip
  4. MySpace
  5. {Dial up} are you online? I need to use the phone.
  6. Well.. I was going to put (Krispy Kreme) but apparently they were established in 1937..
  7. Where's my ipod I need to charge it on the docking station
  8. Lady Gaga -_-
  9. Twerking
  10. Omg! They killed Kenny! You bastards!
  11. O.M.G. shhhh! The Kardashians are on!!!! -_-
  12. Lol.
  13. Wtf.
  14. Keep calm and. ...
  15. I need to feed my giga pet.
  16. Furby.
  17. Froyo
  18. caitlyn jenner