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Feeling like spreading your holiday spirit AND doing good? We've got you covered. Pick a campaign (or 5) that you relate to, and spread some cheer and good will this season. Let's do this.
  1. Happy Scrappy Holidays
    Host a scarp paper wrapping holiday party to reduce paper waste. http://dsorg.us/1HYMhmD
  2. Naughty or Nice
    Give your friends "naughty" or "nice" cards based on their eco habits. http://dsorg.us/2gc7BYm
  3. Holiday Animal Party
    Create a wish list so your family can donate pet supplies to shelters. http://dsorg.us/2h4mxt6
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You're surrounded by vampires...energy vampires. These electronics suck energy away when they're not even in use. Let's unplug, y'all! http://dsorg.us/2fE48W3
  1. You'll save energy!
    Unplugging devices saves tons of energy, and prevent unnecessary carbon monoxide pollution—over 8.7 billion pounds a year from the U.S. alone.
  2. You'll save money!
    Since energy vampires suck electricity when they're off, they're adding to your electricity bill, too. Because of energy vampires, Americans lose $5.8 billion dollars annually. Unplug to save a few bucks!
  3. It's good for your cell phone
    Smartphone providers recommend never fully charging your battery to prevent damage. Unplug the chord from your charging port at 99%, and unplug the charger too!
  4. You can win a $1,500 scholarship!
    Unplug energy vampires and visit http://dsorg.us/2fE48W3 to let us know how you did. All you have to do to be eligible to win is follow the brief instructions on our Don't Be A Sucker Page!
Apple released a developer preview of iOS 10.2 preview last Monday, which includes a TON of new emojis. These are the ones we're most excited for. Check out the rest at http://bit.ly/2frwqUX and add your favorite upcoming ones...or emojis you can't believe still haven't been added!
  1. Shrug
    Finally. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Avocado
  3. Firefighter
    This update features a ton of new profession emojis, with options to select six skin tones and gender.
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Here are 5 reasons to find your V-Spot (you know, your voting location!) so that you are ready to vote on November 8.
  1. 1.
    This election, there are 49 million eligible young voters, meaning our generation has the power to elect politicians who care about the issues that are important to us.
  2. 2.
    Millenials are the best-educated group of young adults in American history, but are burdened with an average student loan debt of $27,000 - nearly twice the average of 20 years ago. Millenials can elect a president who has a plan to tackle student debt.
  3. 3.
    Millenials are the first generation in modern history to have higher level of poverty and unemployement and lower levels of wealth and personal income than the two immediate preceding generations had at the same strength of their lives. Young people can appoint a leader who can strengthen our economy.
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According to our office, anyway. Add your own!
Ready to join our global movement for good...Halloween style? Let's do this.
  1. Zombie Blood Drive
    Every 2 seconds someone in the US needs a blood transfusion. Over 44,000 donations are needed daily to help alleviate this. Run a blood donation drive to help close the donation gap! http://dsorg.us/2dWZe3Y
  2. Treats for Troops
    Deployed troops often miss parts of home that aren't available where they are, which can make them feel isolated. Receiving packages with candy and other familiar essentials can combat feelings of sadness! Host a Halloween Candy Giveback drive and fill packages with candy. http://dsorg.us/2dK32H2
  3. Trash or Treat
    Americans spend over $2 billion on Halloween candy...that's a lot of waste! Upcycle your candy wrappers by creating fun, sweet bracelets for you and your friends. http://dsorg.us/2dk3uFi
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84% of US scientists and engineers are white or Asian males. Let's get some diversity in these fields! Add your favorite minority scientists to our lists—representation matters. #InnovationInspiration
  1. Mae C. Jemison
    Most well-known as the first African American woman astronaut, Jemison is also an accomplished engineer and medical doctor, AND served as a Peace Corps medical officer in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Can you say BOSS?
  2. Margaret Hamilton
    Margaret Hamilton is the brains behind the software coding and engineering that brought humanity to the moon. Besides pioneering the Apollo space program, Hamilton was the directors of MIT's Instrumentation Laboratory.
  3. Antonia Novello
    Antonia Novello was the first female and first Hispanic General Surgeon of the United States. Especially passionate about women's, minority's, and children's health issues, Novello ardently assisted the underserved during her tenure.
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Let's unpack why.
  1. Like humans are handed, elephants are left or right tusked.
  2. They have the largest brains in the animal kingdom.
  3. They can live to be 70 years old!
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Sometimes everyone needs a little midweek push.