4 Reasons Not To Be A Sucker

You're surrounded by vampires...energy vampires. These electronics suck energy away when they're not even in use. Let's unplug, y'all! http://dsorg.us/2fE48W3
  1. You'll save energy!
    Unplugging devices saves tons of energy, and prevent unnecessary carbon monoxide pollution—over 8.7 billion pounds a year from the U.S. alone.
  2. You'll save money!
    Since energy vampires suck electricity when they're off, they're adding to your electricity bill, too. Because of energy vampires, Americans lose $5.8 billion dollars annually. Unplug to save a few bucks!
  3. It's good for your cell phone
    Smartphone providers recommend never fully charging your battery to prevent damage. Unplug the chord from your charging port at 99%, and unplug the charger too!
  4. You can win a $1,500 scholarship!
    Unplug energy vampires and visit http://dsorg.us/2fE48W3 to let us know how you did. All you have to do to be eligible to win is follow the brief instructions on our Don't Be A Sucker Page!