Here are 5 reasons to find your V-Spot (you know, your voting location!) so that you are ready to vote on November 8.
  1. This election, there are 49 million eligible young voters, meaning our generation has the power to elect politicians who care about the issues that are important to us.
  2. Millenials are the best-educated group of young adults in American history, but are burdened with an average student loan debt of $27,000 - nearly twice the average of 20 years ago. Millenials can elect a president who has a plan to tackle student debt.
  3. Millenials are the first generation in modern history to have higher level of poverty and unemployement and lower levels of wealth and personal income than the two immediate preceding generations had at the same strength of their lives. Young people can appoint a leader who can strengthen our economy.
  4. 76% of 18-29 year olds say climate change is a serious problem facing America. Voting in this election means taking action on climate change
  5. By helping friends find their V-Spots, you can qualify for $1000 scholarship. Just text VSPOT to 38383 or sign up at