The absolute greatest Halloween GIFs of all time.

According to our office, anyway. Add your own!
  1. We all know that this video clip has produced some of the best Halloween GIFs ever, but I would argue that THIS frame specifically is #1. Just look at that dance move. —Emily, digital marketing intern
  2. I have not seen Boo! A Madea Halloween but I can guarantee it is a Halloween classic for years to come. —Zach, marketing intern
  3. Halloween > Christmas, whoops. Wish I could write to the Great Pumpkin for presents! —Tahia, strategic consulting intern
  4. Hocus Pocus is a classic. —Stephanie, campaigns intern
  5. The Office is the best comedy series ever made and Dwight's Halloween costumes are always amazing. —Mike, impact intern
  6. —Sabrina, campaigns intern
  7. Halloweentown was my favorite movie series when I grew up watching the old school (and better) Disney Channel. And so watching it as a 20-something definitely brings out the kid in me. —Sarah, writing intern
  8. These candy corns are so cute. Just look at them dancing and living their best life. —Diane, digital marketing associate
  9. It's spooky AND scary!
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  10. Fantastic. —Alyza, photo/video intern