Have a public API and want to promote it? First step is making sure it's listed on these directories:
  1. ProgrammableWeb
    Best site to follow for new API releases and to search for APIs. Submit a profile for your API, SDK, code sample, or send them a press release
  2. Mashape / PublicAPIs.com
    Mashape is well known for dev portal and analytics services, but you can still list your API on their PublicAPIs.com directory
  3. APIs.guru
    It's becoming the Wikipedia for APIs. Since the directory is open sourced, APIs.guru could expose your API within other software as well. Contribute to the Github project
  4. Exicon
    Add your API to their directly in a "matter of minutes"
  5. IBM API Harmony
    Submit your API profile for review with IBM's curated third party collection
  6. SDKs.io
    Add your SDK to this collection
  7. Mashup.se Swedish API Directory
    Keep in mind the site is in Swedish!
  8. APIs.io
    Create an APIs.json file to make your service discoverable by search engines, and add it to the APIs.io directory maintained by 3scale and API Evangelist
  9. API For That
    Submit your profile to this small, but curated API directory
  10. More? Suggestions?
    Help me expand this list please. Want more advice on API marketing? Find me blogging on Nordic APIs