Notes to My Future Self

  1. Don't be mad, I tried!!
  2. You might not have any retirement savings, but this 40 year old party girl has had a good time!!
  3. Again ~ don't be mad, I tried.
  4. Hope you never settled for someone or something that was not heathy happy or good enough, just because everyone else thought you should. Hope you held your head up high, treated yourself with love, value and kindness and held out for the real thing, no matter how hard it was.
  5. Hope you're still proud of every friend, lover, scar and laugh line. Everyday that was a success and everyday that proved life can be beautiful and painfully challenging.
  6. Hope you love the journey today as much as you did then.
  7. ...and most of all, I hope you still going dancing in killer platforms every chance you get!!