Annoying things about not being able to speak the local language

  1. Not being able to complain properly about food orders
    "I asked for panini con zucchini and you've gone a toasted me this panini which contains half a pig and which I can't and will not eat. I know I can't speak the language well but what part of panini con zucchini did you not understand?" Dumb F***
  2. Not being able to take issue when someone queue jumps
    "Dude, we're boarding the plane, the plane isn't going to leave without you at this point and your seat is allocated so what's the deal with you pushing up front in the line?"
  3. Not being able to take issue with taxi drivers who blatantly take the long route to your destination because they think your a tourist that doesn't know the way
    "Hey, I've been coming to this city four times a year for the past four years. I know you should have taken a left back there"