In no particular order.....
  1. Trans-Labrador Highway, Canada
    From home to Labrador City, Quebec via Montreal. Take the TLH east through Newfoundland to Blanc Sablon. Ferry to Nova Scotia then back home through Maine, stopping at Acadia National Park to see the sunrise. 3500 miles.
  2. Banff to Prudhoe Bay to Inuvik
    Ideally with my own vehicle but that would double the time to do it.
  3. Saskatchewan for bear camp
    Goodsoil, SA for spring black bear. 4300 miles. Unless I tack on a detour to Banff.
  4. Going-To-The-Sun road in Montana - DONE!
    Woot! Got up there in June 2016 and it was still closed a full month after it was expected to open due to avalanches. The announcement of its opening came at 8pm the day I arrived and I was sun-bound by 6am. Worth it.
  5. Mississippi River by jet ski
    Because the canoe thing didn't work out.