Whether you give a shit about college basketball or not...
  1. Making a bracket
    If you didn't make one this year, try it next year. It is SO much fun to keep track of your picks. Trust me.
  2. The first two days
    This is today and tomorrow. Games are on non-stop from 12:15 to 10 PM.
  3. The upsets
    This is no secret, but they happen every year. Last year, Duke lost to Mercer. Yes, upsets screw up your bracket...but they screw up everybody's bracket. You're in it together.
  4. Bars and restaurants
    If you're in a public place with TV's for the next month, you're gonna have people screaming at them. Even if you're not into going to bars (I am not) it's a great time of the year to go. The atmosphere is always fun in March, and you'll need all the TV's to watch the games!
  5. You will watch truTV
    It's true! For SOME reason, some of the biggest games are on truTV in the first few rounds. So find what channel it is and memorize it.
  6. It dominates small talk
    Have you been using the weather and how ready you are for spring for small talk lately? Yeah, you won't need that material in March. Everybody is somehow invested in March Madness. If you're up on your shit, you will impress.
  7. The Cinderella moment: When that school no one has even heard of before takes out a #1 seed. Brackets die (be real, it was probably dead after round 1) but it's so woderfully inspiring. ❤️🏀💯🙌
    Suggested by @MissBicks