These are my highlights for 2015. Not a bad year, all things considered.
  1. Watching the Tedeschi-Trucks band near the front row during a pouring rain storm. I was soaked to the bone by the end, but their music filled me up for weeks.
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  2. Wife Terri and I spent a week in Portland, OR, working on our son's new house, eating great food and enjoying one of my favorite cities in America.
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  3. Three days in Vegas. Taking a couple hundy from the Roulette tables, a Cirqe du Soleil show and walking the strip.
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  4. A couple of trips to DC and two great days seeing the sites with some fun people, including and old friend and some new friends.
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  5. Orlando for a business trip. Making new friends and reconnecting with old friends.
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  6. Our Jordan home for Christmas.
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  7. The Christmas Crawl with the Fersters and the United Scottish Clans if Oklahoma. We were the toast of Bricktown OKC.
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  8. And, of course, spending time with these great kids, Lauren and Jared.
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