The most narcissistic list ever
  1. Thanksgiving 2006, in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston
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  2. August 2007, in Banff National Park
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    I think. Definitely in that area in Canada.
  3. March 2008, in Jamaica
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  4. May 2011, at the fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico
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    The pic is technically full length (and better that way) but the List App made me crop it. 👎🏻
  5. October 2011, at a gala in Boston
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    Wearing one of my favorite dresses ever, by Karen Millen
  6. March 2013, selfie with Emma
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  7. March 2014, rocking glasses and red lips
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  8. July 2014, waiting for ramen in Chicago
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  9. May 2015, Emma's 3rd birthday. Taken at a very good friend's house in Alexandria, VA.
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    Does 5 months ago count as "old"?
  10. May 2015, my birthday. My "friends" made this my Facebook photo while I was in the bathroom.
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