1. Coming home late from a weekend night out, exhausted (and maybe buzzed) and looking forward to climbing into bed and goofing around on my phone for a bit before sleeping.
  2. This girl with her big round eyes, floppy ears, and stubby legs.
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    And her squishiness. Mustn't forget the squishiness.
  3. A giant-ass bowl of pasta 🍝
    Al dente. None of that over cooked shit.
  4. Re-reading all seven Harry Potter books every few years.
    And still hoping against hope that JK Rowling will one day write a Marauders prequel.
  5. Lazy Saturdays spent mostly on the couch, buried beneath a pile of blankets.
    And then realizing I can do the same on Sunday.
  6. Fitted plaid button-down shirts.