Lots, but please let's keep the baby.
  1. Penis Envy is not about a woman's desire to have a penis, rather it is symbolically representative of the lack of power women had in Freud's time. It is a description of patriarchy, not women.
  2. Cocaine is not a good cure for heroine addiction.
  3. Putting theory before people - on this one sometimes Freud couldn't see the wood for the trees.
  4. The clitoris is a perfectly legitimate erotogenic zone and clitoral orgasms are perfectly fine, thank you very much.
  5. Dora was perfectly right to be disgusted at the sexual advances of the husband of the woman who was having an affair with her father (just read it again, slowly).
  6. The death instinct is a dubious concept indeed.
  7. Masturbation won't deplete your libido, nor make you "neurasthenic".
  8. Being a "blank screen" therapist is not a brilliant idea.
  9. He should have been more open minded - he was surrounded by brilliant minds who would have vastly improved psychoanalysis.
    From the start: Adler, Jung, Ferenczi, Klein, Horney, Reich, etc.
  10. He was rigid. The pursuit of life extends beyond libidinal drives and dreams represent lots mor than wish fulfilment.
  11. NB He was fucking brilliant - but also a man of his time. If you doubt his brilliance, read Mourning and Melancholia - usually overlooked in your average "intro to Freud".