The future is in your hands no matter how big or small they are. Ladies and Gentlemen when you're trying to go further into your career or something else;
  1. Wake up in the morning like a motherfucking champion.
    As you yawn and get out of bed, wake up like your already owning whatever you're going for and build that up and once you get what you want you'll feel great because you worked your ass off towards what you wanted.
  2. Be CONFIDENT in yourself!
    Every time you walk out the front door of your house, know that you're going to not only own your goals but surpass all of your goals and achievements for the day.
  3. Time. Time. Time.
    Nothing happens over night. Just because you're not seeing complete results in yourself right away, don't let that bring you down. To become greater it takes many years to get yourself exactly where you want to be. Be patient in yourself and in your work.
  4. Failing is learning.
    If you fail at something, don't think it is all over. It is never over. The grind never stops; work never stops. If your fail, just know that is a learning experience for you to do better next time.