Things your provider will be impressed that you did
  1. Find your OB/family doc/midwife and have a pre-conception check-up
    Take the time to find a provider who fits your needs and has a style and personality that works well with yours.
  2. Take prenatal vitamins
    Before you are pregnant and in the first weeks is the most important time
  3. Join the gym—and go regularly
    Women who are a normal weight and are active set themselves up for a healthy pregnancy. It is safe to exercise during pregnancy if you are active before you get pregnant
  4. Quit Smoking
    Women who smoke tend to have smaller babies and are at risk for preterm birth, poor circulation to the baby. Smoking also increases risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and asthma
  5. Work on Yourself and Your Relationships
    If you have any medical problems make sure they are under control. Medical problems include alcoholism and depression. Also if you and your partner are having issues, yes, a baby could bring you closer together, but it could make things worse. Pregnancy is a vulnerable time, and women are at highest risk for abuse while they are pregnant.