In no particular order. Recently rewatched season three for probably the 7th time. I cannot say how much I love this show. Every time you watch there are new jokes you just hadn't noticed before
  1. Tobias: I’m afraid I just blue myself.
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  2. Kitty: Say goodbye to these, because it’s the last time!
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  3. Tobias: Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over: an analyst and a therapist, the world’s first “analrapist.”
    My 60 yr old dad explaining this one to my mother made for a special family dinner.
  4. Tobias: Do these effectively hide my thunder
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    Or anything regarding Tobias being a nevernude.
  5. Buster: This party is going to be off. The. Hook
    Such witty humor. I also love what they did with "loose seal" and "Lucille".
  6. GOB: Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money.
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  7. Buster: I mean there is so much in life that I haven't experienced, and now that I'm away from mom I feel like this is my chance to live. I want to dance. I want to make love to a woman. I want to get a checking account. I want to know what it feels like to get my face socked in!
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    This enthusiasm is amazing.
  8. Annyong: Annyong!
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  9. Oscar: The question is, which way do I try to get it in her? Michael: I don't need any details. Oscar: Maybe, I'll put it in her brownie.
    Oh the sexual innuendos
  10. Stan Sitwell: The only thing I ask is out of the 450 homes we build, one be given to a disadvantaged family from the inner city. Gob: That's great, so the other 449 families live in fear? Is that what we're saying? Come on!
    GOB's "Come on!" has become one of my go to responses to most of life's situations.
  11. George Sr.: I thought that was the guy who played the Soup Nazi. I told him how much I liked his work!
    About Saddam Hussein
  12. Michael [to Gob]: Get rid of the Seaward. Lucille: I'll leave when I'm good and ready.
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    Only got this line after watching the episode for a tenth time. Surely the network didn't get it or it wouldn't have aired.