We have all the necessities for a fruitful and sustainable society. BYE!
  1. We have a royal family...
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    The Lohan's (Government: ✔️)
  2. We have our own famous sorcerer...
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    Ability to talk to the dead and token witch: ✔️
  3. We have our own Snapple Fact...
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    Answer to at least one Jeopardy question: ✔️
  4. We have our own military industrial complex...
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    Ability to inflict mass destruction: ✔️
  5. We discovered DNA...
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    Science and evolution: ✔️
  6. We have our own cocktail in the form of a tea...
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    Ability to black out: ✔️
  7. We have the Hamptons...
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    ...which Kourtney & Khloe already took...so...Declaring war on a foreign people: ✔️
  8. We gave the world 95% of its famous people (Billy Joel, Steve Buscemi, Jackie O, Rosie O'Donnel, etc) AND NOW we're taking them back.
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    Infinite supply of tabloid material: ✔️
  9. We have our own theme park...
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    Family fun & Near death experiences: ✔️
  10. We are a freakin island...how cool is that?!
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    Ability to be blissfully ignorant to those around us: ✔️