1. DO, go to Manhattan Beach Creamery
    Really good ice cream sandwiches
  2. DONT, try and drive here and expect to find parking anywhere after 10:30AM on a weekend
    @Waz can attest to that, I believe he came down for some fun in the sun and spent close to an hr looking for parking.
  3. DO, be sure to check out Love & Salt
    It's your typical basic white people California/Italian cuisine, but GOD DAMN is it good! And also kind of expensive...third date type of spot
  4. DONT, waste your time waiting to get breakfast at Uncle Bill's Pancake House
    Sure, sure, sure it's a classic establishment but a pancake is a mu'fuckin pancake in my opinion and there is no reason to wait over an hour for such.
  5. DO, always wear a bathing suit when venturing down to MB
    It's the beach. You're going to want to jump in the water and for that matter....
  6. DONT, dress up to go out anywhere
    You will get called out and it's just that laid back, but obviously don't dress like a schmuck if your wining and dining someone that you didn't meet at Shellback, which reminds me...
  7. DO, go to Shellback Tavern
    I don't know why but I love this place. It just magical and you almost always black out.