1. The time that a former leader was pontificating about how great he was during orientation and an employee was asleep in the front row, complete with the requisite stream of drool
  2. The time that we were interviewing a new mom wearing a sheer white blouse whose breasts (unbeknownst to her) started leaking when a baby cried outside the room
  3. The time that an employee wearing a short sleeved shirt, a pocket protector and drenched in sweat demanded immediate assistance because he was being sexually harassed and couldn't take it anymore
  4. The time that a physician texted a picture of his penis from his company issued phone to a co-worker's company issued phone because she had refused his invitations to go out on a date with him
  5. The time that an employee hurriedly packed his briefcase and ran out while shouting over his shoulder that his hemorrhoid had just burst