Sometimes being a doctor is boring, sometimes people spend a lot of time talking about patients you aren't involved in and you do other stuff. Also known as things not shown on medical tv shows.
  1. Checked my credit report
    Becoming a doctor is really expensive and can seriously kill your credit
  2. Drank so much water
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    The hospital is super dehydrating. See attached hospital issue water pitcher
  3. Went to the bathroom
    See above.
  4. Bought skin serum and hairspray on Amazon
    I work long hours that Sephora and Duane Reade don't support.
  5. Picked out what I'm going to eat for lunch
    The hospital also makes people hungry. The nurses hate "hangry" doctors
  6. Answered 100 pages, phone calls, and text messages about my other patients.
  7. Played with cute kiddos
    Being a pediatrician is the best.
  8. Texted my sister and my best friend