I love to reread books. It started as a kid when I would read in my room while my parents thought I was doing homework. Nerdy AF
  1. Jacob Have I Loved
    The obsession with this Katherine Paterson started young. I ugly cry every time.
  2. Harry Potter
    Self explanatory. I reread them when the next book came out, when the movie came out, and when I was avoiding homework. I spent a month in Africa this year, reread them all on my kindle.
  3. Bridge to Terabithia
    Katherine Paterson is killing it on this list
  4. Number the Stars
    Lois Lowry please tell me if Ellen ever came back.
  5. I'll Give You The Sun
    New addition. I cried, read it again, and repeated.
  6. The Westing Game
    I couldn't believe I missed the answer! I'll reread it forever to make up for it.