"You Drip Sex"

I was recently told the above. Sex is more than a physical act; it's all around us. For some it's a favorite thought in mind, for others it's a general disposition. I fall into the latter category. My sexuality and confidence go hand in hand. These are some of my favorite ways to be "effortlessly sexy" and only one of them involves my appearance.
  1. Not wearing a bra
    I love a good bra... But I love spending the day without one more. It's freeing, and also intimidating as hell. The hard-nipples-and-thin-t-shirt combo in broad daylight makes people blush more than late night nudes and that's a fact, tested and approved by yours truly.
  2. Using physical touch
    I used to loathe physical touch until I realized its power. A brush of bare skin can raise goosebumps in the most exhilarating way. Placing your hand lightly on someone's arm while you talk to them or on the back of their neck is a surefire way to get their hearts racing. Physical touch, if executed in the right way, forges intimacy and stimulates mutual connection.
  3. Leaning in
    This is my favorite way to make a connection with someone. Leaning in closely, whether you're sitting across a table or side by side, makes them feel like they have your undivided attention. You are signaling that they are wanted and attractive, and the ability to make someone feel attractive is attractive in itself. It's an easy way to make someone feel more comfortable and the connection more intimate, which allows people to open up to you. Want to get deep with someone? Lean in. It works.
  4. Lowering my voice
    People love secrets. Secrets are whispered. When you lower your voice it creates the illusion that what you're saying is for few ears only. It makes people lean in to you and forces them to listen more carefully, which tricks them into thinking they WANT to listen to you.