The Red Sox 2015 campaign ended on a high note, but Boston finished the year tied for last in the division. Here is why they will go worst to first.
  1. Dave Dombrowski
    With the addition of Dave Dombrowski as President of Baseball Operations, and Mike Hazen as GM, it is clear that a different approach will be taken from what Ben Cherington did last offseason. It is becoming more apparent that Dombrowski will definitely bring in an ace to top the starting roatation. David Price or Sonny Grey should become the #1 offseason priority.
  2. David Ortiz Can Still Produce at a High Level
    Big Papi, Large Father, Seniór October. Whatever you want to call him. David Ortiz is still a machine. In the past two seasons (at age 38 and 39), Ortiz has compiled over 200 RBI, 72 home runs, with a Slugging Percentage over .500. What is too say he will slow down at age 40?
  3. Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts
    Bogaerts and Betts are two of the MLB's best young players. Both players are 22 years old, and have already established themselves as not only the future for the Boston Red Sox, but as the present as well. In 2015, Bogaerts was 2nd in the AL in hits and batting average(.321), and led almost all offensive categories for shortstops. Mookie, on the other hand, captivated viewers with his play making ability and ended up with a BA over .290, stealing 20+ bases and hitting 10+ Homers. Bring on 2016.
  4. Existing Starting Rotation Will Be Surprisingly Good
    Once the Red Sox add a top tier pitcher to the rotation, I believe they have the pieces already in Boston to have an above average starting rotation. Boston currently has Buchholz, E-Rod, Kelly, Miley, Owens, Hill, Wright, and even Brian Johnson as plausible starters in 2016. I think Buchholz will be solid next year if he stays healthy (Which I know never happens). Then there is E-Rod and Owens who are for sure in the rotation. With an ace that is four pitchers right there. Joe Kelly as 5th man
  5. The Division is Weak
    I know the Blue Jays and Yankees both made the playoffs in 2015, but the AL East is going to be a weak division in 2016. Toronto can not repeat the success that it has had this year. They will lose Pride do to his FA status at the end of the year. Donaldson is set to become FA as well. Yankees scare me a little with all the $ they have, but they will find a way to screw it up. The Orioles and Rays are not even worth mentioning.