Thanks 4 suggesting @roseschlossberg
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    Who said anything about male?
  2. 2.
    But I was born with a Johnson, true. As a yung genqueer you learn 2 swaddle your member tight between your leg and your boxers and rub over the boxers to simulate stimulation of the clitoris between rubbed folds.
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    And this was an early lesson in feminism: discover your deeper folds via your own methods; don't rely on what’s handed down by da macho corporate media or middle school locker room blustering.
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    Middle school feminism was wincing watching Laura Bush smile & stand by her warmongering man. I’m not saying Feminism Means women can’t be fascists. You just never believed she was totally into it… her smile was so strangled.
  5. 5.
    High school feminism also meant reminding my film teacher how few good parts there were for women actors after he complained about Cate Blanchett as Electric Bob Dylan in "I'm Not There."
  6. 6.
    Speaking of show business, feminism reminds me that the struggle is all & always.
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    Feminism gives me language and lenses for remembering the reality: there are plunderers willing to exploit your vital energy, vital resources, and vital good will for their profit and not yours. We can call this blowhard approach to life “The Patriarchy” and its practitioners can hail from any gender.
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    As a worker of the world, a wage slave in the 99%, and an entertainment professional, this mentality keeps my eyes open. Thank you, feminism.