These punishments when I was a kid seemed catastrophic, but as an adult I'd kill for them.
  1. Being grounded. You mean I can't(don't have to)go to that party this weekend and I have a built in excuse to get out of everything I don't want to do? Sign me up.
  2. No dessert after dinner. Don't we all wish we could play this card instead of having to decide to be a fat kid or not?
  3. Getting money or clothes for presents. Hell ya. I'll take free clothes or money.
  4. Going to bed early. I can't even remember what 8+ hours of sleep is like anymore
  5. Spending the weekend with my Grandmother. I'd give anything for great meals and to have someone spoil me for a weekend.
  6. Timeouts. I can just sit here and chill while neglecting all of my Adult responsibilities. Ummm OK.