1. A hot cup of tea.
    Usually I just drink black coffee, but for some reason when I drink tea it's exclusively the obnoxious flavors.. Biggelow makes an Eggnog flavor that's out of this world!
  2. When dogs lay on your cold feet.
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    170 lbs of puppy heat.
  3. Wearing ugly footwear non-ironically.
    Not naming ugly names here.. Try walking to the bus stop in Tom's when it's 18 degrees out and get back to me.
  4. Chopping wood and building a fire to warm the house.
    Few things have ever made me feel so accomplished.
  5. Blankets on blankets.
    Pile 'em up, snuggle in, crack open an old book, die happy.
  6. Netflix.
    Because it's not summer anymore so you don't need to feel guilty.
  7. Spooning.
    I'm only guessing on this one.
  8. Making soup.
    It always seems like a huge undertaking, but you can buy the broth if you want to sort of cheat and fool everyone. Very impressive.
  9. Camping on the @list - time to make all the lists I've thought of!