I turn 30 this coming April and I might try to break some childish habits by that point.
  1. Traveling with a stuffed animal.
    This is circumstantial, depending on if I have a partner I'm traveling with. I'm single now, so I bring along my trusty stuffed kitten named Chocolate when I travel. He stays in the hotel and guards my things while I'm away, and cuddles with me at night. Easier than a boyfriend, plus he doesn't mind if I hit snooze 20 times before I wake up.
  2. Eating peanut butter and jelly in a bowl.
    This is something that my twin sister and I used to ask our mom to make for us when we were kids. We asked for it as if it were one word: "Mom can you make us peanutbutterandjellyinabowl please?" It is a craving I never got over and something I make myself for comfort/nostalgia when I am feeling down. The trick is to just use a spoonful of each (preferably raspberry jam with seeds and Adam's crunchy) and enjoy and savor with the smallest spoon you can find.
  3. Sitting in my mom's lap.
    She makes everything okay and I will do this until she's dead and maybe after.
  4. Watching Full House, Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell, The Cosby Show (sorry y'all), and other childhood favorite shows.
    I've seen them all a thousand times, but I like watching reruns while I read a book or zone out on the computer. Also I obviously still love John Stamos.
  5. Dressing like a cat for Halloween.
    Never a slutty cat. Maybe I'm just not creative when it comes to Halloween costumes, but I love doing the simple face paint. This year I switched it up by being a cat burglar, at least.
  6. Superstitious crap.
    Does everyone still do this? Wishes in fountains and cakes, holding breath over train tracks and tunnels, not walking under ladders, etc. Will probably always do this stuff too.