Not in this order but all true:
  1. Woke up to an email telling me to watch my tone. It was sent by a man.
  2. Had someone tell me my opinion in a show I'm in was practically irrelevant
  3. Sd card reader on my Mac broke
    Nerp. Nerp.
  4. Therefore couldn't help someone edit a sketch.
  5. Person who was going to help me upload footage was an hour late and then didn't help me trouble shoot.
  6. Spilled boiling hot water on my hand trying to make tea to calm down.
  7. Got honked at in the Ralph's Parking lot.
  8. Had someone I thought was a nice guy unsolicited ask me what I was wearing. Fuck you we work together.
    To which I responded a Tampon.
  9. Had someone I don't know troll my Instagram and write dyke on my photos.
  10. Almost lost my job for picking up a second job to pay bills.
  11. And at 11:40 pm I got a parking ticket.
  12. The only thing getting me through today is a glass of Pino Grigio and some of the best girlfriends / lady comics a gal could ask for.