The ongoing saga of a burned out HR girl w no privacy
  1. Reading the news
  2. Trying to figure out ways to watch an episode of Scream Queens or Jane the Virgin at my desk. The boss is out.
  3. Contemplating dinner choices.
  4. Listening for the sound of CiCIs footsteps. She knows I'm in here!
  5. Daydreaming about boyfriend.
  6. Trying not to think about divorce papers.
  7. Trying hard to think I'm not a horrible person.
  8. Hateful Eight Trailer!!
  9. Wishing I lived and worked in NYC.
  10. Not going to the bathroom.
  11. Regretting the grilled cheese I had for lunch.
  12. CICi just came in. Used potty. Did not wash her hands! Ooh, I got you girl! You dirty!
  13. D