1. We'll see a Sony Pictures Classic movie at BAM likely (ultimate parent-type movie and theater)
  2. He'll explain something to me by drawing it on a napkin
  3. He'll cook Indian food for me in my tiny kitchen and complain about my stove's terrible vent
  4. We'll go for a walk and end up in a neighborhood where I have no idea a good place to stop and eat
  5. On the subway, he'll show me videos of our dog with the volume turned up high on his phone
  6. He'll point to various buildings and claim that's where Tower Records used to be
  7. We'll day drink at some random place on the UWS because he like me enjoys sitting outside, patios, not running into people we know, wider sidewalks, people watching old couples
  8. He'll suggest I get curtains
  9. We'll end up in a hardware store
  10. He will strike up a conversation with allllllll the Indian waiters in New York, guaranteed.