1. Stiller & Aubrey (coming next Fall to CBS)
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  2. these BFFs, reminding me to revisit Nancy Jo Sales' 1998 NY Mag profile "Leo, Prince of the City"
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  3. Too many to pick of Chloë but this one is 🔥
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  4. And this one:
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  5. Love the '90s sartorial palette here: greys, navy, white, bootcut jeans and turtlenecks
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  6. Never Forget
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  7. Never Ever Forget
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  8. Chris Rock fam jam
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  9. Chris Rock Gram jam
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  10. Purple nails peaking out behind Spike & Stevie 💅
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  11. ALL TIME BEST HALL OF FAME: Sharon Stone snakeskin loafers seat stance and serious stare
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