list skills on POINTE…oh yeah, we went there 😉
  1. dancing!
  2. dances!
  3. …ummmm…ok we may have blown our load a little prematurely on this one.
  4. probably should've made sure we had enough items before we just picked that random sounding fun number
  5. shit.
  6. we said dancing already, right?
  7. dancing!
  8. consistently being mentioned second when people are listing off Santa's reindeer
  9. i dated a girl who was a dance major in college, i haven't talked to her in like 5 years, it would sound so weird/desperate if i texted her out of the blue and was like "hey how are you? can you give me, like, 12 things about dancers. better make it 15." but i also don't want to look foolish on the internet.
  10. she'll totally think i'm just making up an excuse to talk to her so we can start things again, even though I'M the one who broke things off with HER!
  11. she was always sort of the one who got away though
  12. honestly, Claire, if you're reading this, i feel really badly about how things ended, and maybe with, i don't know — call it maturity, call it perspective — maybe with more of that under my belt i can be ready to give it a shot. to be the man you needed me to be. to be the man i needed me to be.
  13. oh wait, that's right, she wasn't a dance major, she was an art major. painting, i think. is painting a major? maybe i should make a list about painting. but no way, now it actually would be a desperate and obvious move. i guess i'll just stick with this list and ride it out into cold, singleness oblivion.
  14. there's no way this list is 19 items. 19 is kind of a lot anyway. anyone who would've been happy with a 19-item list would be happy with a 14-or-so-item list, right?
  15. dancing!