saw this going around and it seemed like fun so here goes...
  1. oh wow can't believe I randomly landed on this photo! this is a candid of me just having rolled out of bed and saying hi to my neighbor while waiting on the mail.
  2. ha oh crap, of COURSE this one would end up on there. so embarrassing 🙈 look at that goofy grin, this was a shot of me that my roommate randomly took on our way to get coffee after a long night of partying. hangover city much?
  3. hoo boy, I did NOT think there was a chance this photo would show up when I did this list! this was just a silly photo my then-gf took on her RAZR phone as a goof…can you say blackmail material? 😝
  4. man oh man, if I'd have know that this pic was gonna be one of the ones I randomly landed on, I never would've done this list! I mean, look at that beanie! can you believe I left the house looking like this??
  5. ha THANK GOD it's the last one! and the MOST embarrassing one yet! lesson learned, no more taking the random photo challenge, I don't think my self-esteem could take another hit like this! I'm mortified these pics even exist…maybe next time we can do a photo challenge where we get to pick some pics where I actually look good! what a novel idea!