all shows that could've been the best of the best…of not for those final few minutes
  1. Lost
    nearly ten years later and STILL the Webster's definition of "missed it by THAT much"
  2. Seinfeld
    what I believe to be the greatest overall sitcom of all time, whose jokes still land even today and whose writing laid the groundwork for the modern sitcom. all that talent and potential, laid to waste by what amounted to not much more than a "best of" clipisode and a barely-passable homage to the pilot. ouch.
  3. Heroes
    remember how much you loved season one? remember how much you hated season four? of course you don't, because no one was watching by then. here's hoping the reboot gives them a chance to give some proper closure to the two great seasons.
  4. Dexter
    peaked with the finale of season 4…unfortunately they did another four seasons after that. for the few that stuck around till season 8, you got the distinct joy of seeing Dexter (spoilers) turn his back on everything/everyone he loved to become an ice road trucker/lumberjack. talk about a fumble on the one yard line. (ok so maybe more like the 50 yard line but still).
  5. How I Met Your Mother
    full disclosure I was never much of a fan of this show, and all but abandoned it after the first season save for a random episode here and there, but even I tuned in for the finale that would finally explain how Ted met The Mother (and more importantly how Josh Radnor turned into Bob Saget), and all we got was the modern day equivalent of "it was all a dream." poor premise, poorly executed on what was otherwise a fun and peppy sitcom (or so I'm told by my friends who watched more faithfully)✌🏻️