with No-Shave November drawing to a close, many men (and probably some women) are looking for any excuse to keep their facial hair streaks going. well you're in luck because I have spared no expense to research and provide for you the complete list of Lesser Known Facial Hair Celebration Months. Happy Thanksgiving.
  1. No Shave November
    the one that started it all, it's Christmas for people who can't wait for Christmas.
  2. Don't Shave December
  3. Januhairy
  4. Follicle February
  5. March-stache
  6. Amish April
  7. May the Beard Be With You
  8. Fu ManJune
  9. No Gillette July
  10. Augoateeust
  11. Septembeard
  12. Muttonchoptober
  13. Movember