I forget who started this trend, but I spotted it via @brookielyons. I was a musical theatre major in college and as a result have had all the enjoyment of singing publicly beaten out of me bc all I ever hear are my own vocal flaws (which are plentiful), that said if someone keeps insisting or enough booze has been consumed you may hear any/all of:
  1. Hero, Enrique Iglesias
    "I can be your hero, baby." much better than, "I can be your baby hero"
  2. A Whole New World, Aladdin
    sung as a duet, or (if shots have been consumed), both parts by myself. I can tell everything I need to know about a person by whether they think the last word of the first lyric is "splendor" or "splendid." people who prefer the Peabo Bryson version need not apply. alternatively I enjoy doing Part of Your World, The Little Mermaid. or any Disney song, ever.
  3. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen
    every 3-5 years or so I swap in a current female pop star's latest hit, because people seem to get a kick out of a dude singing in a girl's key. know your audience. this one is about due to be retired. before this it was Tik Tok, before that it was Party in the USA, before that it was Since U Been Gone, before that I was young enough that there was no irony in me singing a song in a girl's key, only sadness and lack of puberty.
  4. anything from Rent/Wicked
    I am a sellout and a cliché. I just want the strangers in the back of the room to like me. if you are at a very up-to-date karaoke spot you can also find me impressing the one other musical theatre major in the room with my renditions of songs from Avenue Q or Book of Mormon.
  5. It's Not Unusual, Tom Jones
    keep this one in the back pocket in case I'm dating a girl and want to earn points with her parents.
  6. Tearin' Up My Heart, N*Sync
    or alternatively, Bye Bye Bye, which I desperately wish I knew the dance to. put on BSB and I WILL WALK HOME. I will pretend to sing O-Town ironically, but love every second of it. no 98°, plz.
  7. some closing thoughts: rule number 1 is have fun. but if you want to have extra fun, remember rule number 2 is: almost every song you pick is longer than you think it is, so choose wisely. Baby Got Back will be funny up through the first line, but there are 29 verses that follow that one. My Heart Will Go On goes on for what feels like an hour.
    3) songs you actually know and like will be more fun for your friends to watch you perform. 4) stick to singles if you can; save the deep cuts for next time you're stuck in traffic on the 101. 5) actually try. even if you're terrible, people will enjoy you being awful and owning it way more than someone who sings ok but looks embarrassed or like they're too good for karaoke night. bring at least one friend that can be your safety-net eye contact if you need it. and enjoy.