unedited and totally vulnerable, I can't believe I'm opening up to you like this, List App 🙈
  1. Ways to spend money when you have way too much of it
  2. What to do with all those extra bedrooms in my mansion
  3. Penis reduction surgery prices
  4. Is there an In N Out exclusively for people who only drive Maseratis
  5. How do I know which supermodel I'm dating is "The One"
  6. Polite ways to tell John Mayer that he needs to call/text you less
  7. Best Caribbean beachfront properties to own
  8. British butlers
  9. Legal action you can take if Taylor Swift has written multiple songs about you
  10. Is there any running event that's longer than a marathon
  11. Prioritizing which foreign dignitaries/oil magnates owe you favors, an advanced guide
  12. porn