the perks of being an optimist/realist are that you are hopeful anything could happen while simultaneously convinced that nothing will ever work out. welcome to single at 31.
  1. her name is Grace, and that's a name I like, which is an obvious sign that she won't like me
  2. she waved me over from my friend group to talk to her friend group
    this strikes me as the sort of thing women only do to guys whom they have pre-friend-zoned
  3. her words were invested and encouraging, but her body language felt pretty closed off
    like, closed arms, standing behind a bench thing
  4. she's a cute girl from Florida (Miami?) and she's only been in LA a couple months, which means she's probably being hit on by every guy in every bar every night and already knows how much better she can do
  5. when we were talking hikes I burnt through my rudimentary knowledge of hiking trails in about 90 seconds
  6. I was gonna ask for her number, but before I could she said she wanted to add me on Facebook to follow up about a cliff-diving spot I mentioned in Malibu
    this feels like another move meant to pre-stymie any even semi-romantic move I could make
  7. she drinks Jameson rocks which is usually my basic go-to drink…this is the universe just teasing me, I'm certain
  8. even after several attempts to give myself a graceful exit and her an easy out, she KEPT talking to me and bringing up new subjects. is this the twilight zone or am I on some sort of prank show about how long this poor sap of a guy will let a girl semi-lead him on until he finally gets it and gives up?
  9. either way, still the best encounter I've had with a girl in months. how about another round of whiskey?