I'm on what I believe to be my sixth or seventh viewing of 30 Rock in its entirety, and one of the many strengths of this show within a show is to generate awesome fake shows within their fake show within a show…wait is this the plot of Inception?
  1. Bitch Hunter
    Will Ferrell is Bitch Hunter, only a slightly weaker premise than Get Hard
  2. MILF Island
    exactly what it sounds like. 25 super hot moms, 50 eighth grade boys, no rules. just like my community pool when I was in middle school.
  3. God Cop
    a detective on the NYPD is assigned a new partner to help solve New York's toughest cases: God. I would DVR this. no wait F that, I am going to write out a treatment and pitch this to HBO. …sorry, that was a typo, I meant to say hobo. I'm going to pitch it to the homeless man who sits outside my Starbucks.
  4. Dealbreakers
    Liz Lemon's advice show based on her best selling advice book. in a theme that you will see recurring regularly, I would definitely watch this show.
  5. Queen of Jordan
    Tracy's wife's reality show, perfectly skewers reality TV as a whole, but the real highlight is introducing us to D'Fwan (the actor who plays D'Fwan would go on to play one of the leads in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
  6. Hunchbacks
    send up of the vampire/werewolf/zombie romance fetishization (thanks, The CW), it's a show about sexy Hunchbacks being angsty. would watch.
  7. Gold Case
    a gameshow Kenneth pitches, if it were on today it would likely be called Cash4Gold Case
  8. Gals on the Town
    the theme song pretty much walks through every girl power sitcom trope in 90 seconds and it's amazing.
  9. Los Amantes Clandestinos
    a telenovela that made a better plot device than anything else, still very solid, just not the best of the best.
  10. My Fault
    NBC gameshow where homeless people win money and prizes for confessing to crimes they didn't commit. this is one or two workshops away from being an actual show on E! or VH1.
  11. The Lovebirds/The Joey Montero Show/Alfie & Abner/The Gruber Brother & Nipsey
    all vignettes from the season 6 live show, Lovebirds is a great send up of The Honeymooners, Alec Baldwin is great, feels like we're watching a Tina Fey improv scene. Montero Show is sort of a Rat Pack vibe, I'm not sure if a show like this actually existed when Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr. were in their heyday, but it should've. I love alcohol. Alfie & Abner is hilariously awful. Gruber Brother is essentially just Laugh In. all executed wonderfully.
  12. The Vondella Show
    solid satire on the Maury daytime shows, I believe this is a reference/diss to a specific person/show, but I can't remember her name.
  13. Homonym
    another great 30 Rock gameshow, where the contestant is given a word with multiple meanings and they have to try and guess the right one. (it's the other one. it's always the other one).
  14. Right On
    interview and issues show on BET, perfect setup for an uncomfortable Liz Lemon.
  15. Hot Box with Avery Jessup
    MSNBC/CNN style talking head show, one of my fave show names.
  16. America's Kidz Got Singing
    so real it hurts
  17. Tank It
    show where grandpas put on tanktops, we are only another six months of the dad bod fad spiraling out of control before this show is a reality.